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Lucille Lebouc

I'm am a Shamanic Fertility Coach, Mentor & creator of WomanSeed.Co.

It is my soul mission to help women heal their reproductive systems whilst building a deeply intimate relationship with their body so they can live a soul-enriched life. 

My body of work is fertilised in personal & professional experience. I personally made a holistic recovery from secondary Amenorrhea, burn out and depression. 

I was a massage therapist for 8 years witnessing the impacts on women's bodies from contraceptives. After being on the pill for 10 years, I took the alternative route and detoxed my body & hormones. My health thrived & as a bonus I had a spiritual awakening.  



Certified Health Coach, Qualified Counsellor, Certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Myofascial Yoga Teacher & Fertility Massage Therapist


“Lucille is gifted. I signed up to her 12 week coaching package and saw her for massages throughout my pregnancy and post partum period, her support was 10/10. I highly recommend seeing her for literally anything pre / post pregnancy related. She's a born doula”

Catherine R

Blue Mountains, Australia

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon.