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Private Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steam

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  • Reduces pain & bloating during menstruation/ovulation 

  • Boosts fertility, regulates menstrual cycle & activates absent cycle

  • Tones the reproductive system & vaginal wall (especially post-partum)

  • Reduces risk of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts & endometriosis

  • Improves fertility due to healthier menstrual shedding

  • Restores bacterial/vaginal flora to aids in prevention of infection, BV

  • Relief for symptoms of menopause i.e dryness


  • Healing Sexual Trauma / Abuse

  • Clearing cellular memory of old partners/ex lovers​

  • Healing after Miscarriage

  • Healing traumatic birth experiences

  • Instant meditation hack for women

  • Connecting to your sacred-divine feminine

  • Rekindling womb-body relationship after contraception

Session includes 

Fertility Massage Therapy™

(60 mins)


Pre-Menstrual Massage Therapy (60 mins)

Herbal Yoni Steam

(20 mins)


75 mins total




The Massage...

Fertility Massage Therapy™ OR PMS Massage Therapy is performed whilst you lie down. Techniques such as pulsing (gentle and rhythmic rocking) and abdominal massage allows the fascia around the abdomen & pelvis.


The Steam...

You will sit on a Yoni Steam Stool, & enjoy a 20 min steam. 

The Wrapping...

To close the session, a ceremonial rebozo (Mexican shawl) will be wrapped around your womb.


The Offering...

Once the session is finished, you will have the option to offer the herbs back into the earth on the local land. 

When not to steam

​Fresh Menses

The warm steam causes increases circulation to your reproductive organs, and if you are actively bleeding, that increased circulation may cause bleeding to increase to unsafe levels. 


The steam may bring on labour as it is known to open the cervix.

Ovulating & trying to conceive

The steam can clear out remaining sperm in your vagina. So if you have ovulated for the month and hoping to become pregnant, steaming is not recommended. 

A double period

If you've had two periods in the last cycle.

IUD present

IUD's are known to increase heavy menses, so the combination can bring heavier bleeding.​

Active infection

Current symptoms such as yeast infection, herpes.


Available for event hire

Hire me for your next event, festival or intimate women's circle.


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