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Fertility Massage Therapy™

Massage & Bodywork

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Relieves stress & calms the central nervous system

Increases circulation & lymphatic detoxification

Encourages more blood flow & circulation to reproductive organs

Improves quality of menstrual flow by reducing clots & stagnation

Resolves congestion & stagnation in endo lining

Helps to tone & strengthen the uterus 

Optimises fertilisation & egg implantation

Improves ovarian function, egg quality & ovulation

Increases quantity & quality of cervical mucus 

Reduces pain caused by endometriosis

Resolves blocked fallopian tubes

Treats the root cause of PCOS & Endo

Prevents re-growth of ovarian cysts

Releases blocks of emotional & physical trauma

Increases energy flow in the lower pelvic region​

Optimises function of internal reproductive organs

Session includes 

  a blend of...

Fertility Massage Therapy™

Shamanic Bodywork


90 min


Massage Styles

Fertility Massage Therapy™


Massage is performed on the head, back, sacrum, hips, glutes, buttocks, and lower abdomen. Techniques such as pulsing and rhythmic rocking allows the fascia around the pelvis to release and relax. Includes rebozo (Mexican shawl) rocking and womb wrapping to close. Deep massage releases tense or immobile muscle around the pelvic area. Tapping is also used for problems that impact connective tissue around the sacral, hip & buttock region to address infertility, endo & pcos.


Shamanic Bodywork


During shamanic bodywork, the practitioner is acting as a conduit in order to receive information from the spirit realm so they can provide healing towards the person both physically and emotionally. Any blocks or resistances held within the person’s body are addressed using sound, energy healing and other intuitive methods to clear karmic cords and restore harmony.


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